Brand domain Dressmaker Courrèges: Elegant and futuristic fragrances Courrèges evokes to all fashion lovers, an inimitable style of graphic cutouts, architectural and futuristic clothing while straight from the 50s and its sartorial rigor … Courrèges or the Courrèges style it is also and of course great original and ultra feminine perfumes which clash and surprise at least as much as the pinafore dresses. Courrèges is timeless where “& nbsp; l’Eau de Courrèges & nbsp;” leaves his “Footprint”. Dressmaker

Courrèges or the perfume of the committed and sensual woman

André Courrèges created his haute-couture house in 1961 called simply Courrèges after having worked during the previous years at the service from the no less famous Balenciaga. Despite the fact that André Courrèges was not a couturier by training (he was a Ponts et Chaussées engineer) he was very quickly going to revolutionize the world of fashion by inventing a futuristic style that daringly moved from the usual standards of haute-couture.

Its French adaptation of Mary Kant’s mini-skirt in 1965, like its white and patent boots or its pinafore dresses, will make Courrèges a veritable temple of fashion for yéyés and its stars. In full rise of its inimitable style, Courrèges decided to launch out in perfumery by creating a first powerful and ultra-feminine perfume “& nbsp; Empreinte & nbsp;” in homage to the first steps on the moon and to the futuristic values ​​of the house.

“& nbsp; Empreinte & nbsp;” released in 1971, represents the Courrèges style in all its forms: from the sophisticated graphics of the bottle and its spherical cap to the warm and sensual chypre juice punctuated with overdosed patchouli, “Empreinte & nbsp;” wants to leave a trail of the Courrèges woman in history. Now cult, “& nbsp; Footprint & nbsp;” has also been the subject of a reissue by the Courrèges spirit resuscitated in 2012. “& nbsp; A treasure with amber and gold reflections. An inimitable fragrance & nbsp; “1 Courrèges.

Courrèges & nbsp;: a” & nbsp; Empreinte & nbsp; ” precious for great timeless perfumes

“& nbsp; Empreinte & nbsp;”, the very first Courrèges perfume opened a royal way for the haute-couture house in the world of perfumery. Thus in 1977, Courrèges will try to reiterate its success by offering this time a rather sporty and fresh fragrance “& nbsp; Eau de Courrèges & nbsp;” while not standing out from the geometric graphic shapes and structures of the bottle which have made the brand’s popularity.

“& nbsp; Eau de Courrèges & nbsp;” jolie citrus fleuri offers its vision of the woman “fresh and scented like the great outdoors” while creating a fragrance that can also be suitable for men. Once again, the Courrèges house is a huge success to such an extent that “& nbsp; Eau de Courrèges & nbsp;” will subsequently also become a cult fragrance reissued as “Empreinte & nbsp;” in 2012 or even the mythical perfume of the 80s “& nbsp; Courrèges in Blue & nbsp;”.

Indeed in 1983 Courrèges offers a new perfume “& nbsp; Courrèges in blue & nbsp;” who wants to pay homage to “& nbsp; the absolute purity of blue & nbsp;” and “an ideal of feminine purity”. “& Nbsp; Courrèges in blue & nbsp;” its flowery and aldehyde notes as well as its woody trail will move and soften the hearts of workinggirl women of the 80s to also raise it to the rank of cult perfumes.

Despite the house’s various enormous successes Courrèges whether in haute-couture or in perfumery, it will nevertheless go through a wave of decline in the 90s and André Courrège will sign his last parade in 2002. It will be necessary to wait until 2011 for two advertisers to come totally resuscitate the spirit Courrèges and returns to success. After the re-release of the brand’s three flagship fragrances in 2012 (“& nbsp; Empreinte & nbsp;”, “& nbsp; Eau de Courrèges & nbsp;” and “& nbsp; Courrèges In blue & nbsp;”), Courrèges will release in 2015 a new original and detonating faithful fragrance in the mind of its creator: “& nbsp; The Daughter of the Air”. It’s a success again …

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