Year of creation 1941 Good that the Coach New York brand is still moderately known in France, it is showing tremendous success across the Atlantic. Indeed, it is enough to go in any American avenue to realize it. Coach windows and advertisements are everywhere! What’s more, visitors from all over the world, especially Asians, are snapping up their products. So, focus on the story of this success story, embodiment of the American dream.

The beginnings of Coach New-York

Coach New-York is a brand that was created in 1941, in a Manhattan loft. It was there that a team of six artisans began to develop cigar cases, cufflinks and all types of accessories for men. Everything was then governed by a couple made up of Miles and Lilian Cahn. However, it was a little later that the latter met with success, when they had the idea of ​​developing a unique tanning technique. They used the leather of baseball gloves to make bags. Very quickly, the quality of their products was noticed. In addition, the leather of these gloves is recognized for its extreme softness and its resistance to any test. In addition, the patinated look of their creations did not fail to seduce the public. Since that day, Coach New-York has brought a sportswear look to the world of luxury. The brand’s know-how continued to develop until it extended to the feminine universe in 1961. In addition, Coach New-York was then managed by Bonnie Cashin, an emblematic figure in ready-to-wear. American wear. It dared to integrate into the existing range printed models with vitamins, both functional and deceptively relaxed. Among the most famous lines produced by Coach New-York, the Cashin Carry collection was a resounding success. Likewise, the Duffel Bag of the 70s, a sort of bucket-shaped bag, is today considered to be a timeless one.

Coach New-York today

Se endowing particularly solid foundations, Coach New-York has thus extended its notoriety throughout the world. Also, while the brand celebrated its 75 years of existence, it took the opportunity to invest in France. As such, a boutique has just opened in the heart of Paris, in the heart of the Golden Triangle. The latter represents no less than 600 m² built in a typical American style. Glass brick walls, slabs reminiscent of those of the New York subway, mahogany staircase,… Everything has been thought of to transport us directly to the heart of New York City. The whole is both clean and minimalist for a particularly urban and current look. At the same time, Coach New-York also signed a partnership with Interparfums, which enabled it to develop a very first fragrance. This one simply bears the name of the brand and is accompanied by a shower gel and a body milk.

So, for lack of being able to offer you a return ticket to New York, how about going shopping direct from Times Square without leaving our beautiful capital?

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