Year of creation 1968 Clinic & nbsp ;: When the white coats of cosmetology create wonderful perfumes … The fabulous cosmetics brand was created in 1968 by a trio of formidable specialists including the famous Estée Lauder, already at the head of an empire. If for the brand specializing in refined and high-performance cosmetics the creation of perfumes seemed a heresy, the trio nevertheless released in 1972 a powerful and carnal fragrance that capsized the hearts of women: “& nbsp; Aromatics Elixir”. A perfume classic that encouraged Clinique to persevere in an original and prolific perfumery …

Clinic or the birth of a scented myth “& nbsp; Aromatics Elixir & nbsp;”

Why Clinique & nbsp;? & nbsp; Quite simply perhaps because the formative idea of ​​the company created in 1968 by Carole Philips, Estée Lauder and Dr Orentreich was to offer cosmetics that were much more efficient and scientifically studied than scented, like a dermatological treatment. personalized and therefore medically efficient or “clinically” tested. Whatever the case, the Clinique brand whose philosophy is to “Combine performance and perfect safety” seemed a long way from the creation of perfumes! This was without counting on Madame Estée Lauder’s love for delicate fragrances …

Thus in 1972, under the leadership of the charismatic patron, released the precious “& nbsp; Aromatics Elixir & nbsp;” in a very uncluttered outfit that fully complies with the uses of the brand. However, if the bottle is surprisingly sober, the fragrance is not at all, so much so that initially this great classic was sold confidentially before becoming a bestseller of chypre and sensual perfumes. / p>

“& nbsp; Bewitching, timeless, mysterious .. & nbsp;” as Clinique likes to say, “& nbsp; Aromatics Elixir & nbsp;” left no one indifferent thanks to its elegant and deliciously retro notes that brought women of the 70s back to chypres they had then forgotten. Without advertising or muse “& nbsp; Aromatics Elixir & nbsp;” launched Clinique in luxury perfumery by offering a mythical perfume between sensuality and bewitchment.

Clinique perfumes, rare and assertive personalities

If of course the famous “& nbsp; Aromatics Elixir & nbsp; ” remains the No. 1 in Clinique sales (a hegemony that lasted until 2010), stopping at such a success after years of sometimes difficult research and development would have been a real waste.

Thus Clinique created after its magic elixir new and astonishing fragrances until the release in 1998 of a new perfume which also became a great classic: “Happy”. “& Nbsp; A citrus zest. An armful of flowers. A whirlwind of emotions & nbsp; ” the pretty “Happy” uses the research carried out by Clinique on the famous “Mood Frangrance” emotional fragrances to bring happiness and pleasure to its customers.

The “Happy & nbsp;” fragrance is astonishing in its singularities and particularly appreciated thanks to its citrus freshness and its fruity and greedy notes which exhale in the sweet flowery heat of jasmine and mimosa. Moreover, “Happy for Men & nbsp;”, released the following year, will also be a great success for Clinique thanks to its original woody and hesperidic freshness mixed with unprecedented fruity and aromatic sweets.

In principle, the Clinique company, which specializes in cutting-edge techniques for the creation of personalized dermatological care, had nothing to do with fine perfumery. And it is perhaps this very reason that prompted Clinique to set itself apart from its competitors by offering fragrances that are as unique as they are timeless & nbsp ;?

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