Christian Dior

Christian Dior

Brand domain Dressmaker Year creation 1947 Dior is today a brand that manages to sublimate the gent feminine than masculine. However, this great house was born from the desire of its founder, Christian Dior, to give back to women the desire to take care of themselves and to assert themselves. Today, it is an iconic brand on the international level and whose history is quite simply extraordinary. Dressmaker

The beginnings of Dior

It was after the Second World War, in 1947, that Christian Dior founded his own house and produced his first collection. Very quickly, his style was synonymous with renewal and integrated wonderfully into the desire for change that was omnipresent in France after long years of conflict. Thus, Christian Dior was quickly synonymous with elegance and lightness, presenting ample skirts, figure 8 silhouettes and a unique style called New Look. However, beyond couture, perfume quickly imposed itself on Christian Dior as the ultimate element to perfect an outfit. This is how he developed, in 1947, the famous Miss Dior. This further contributed to strengthening the reputation of the Dior house. What is more, Christian Dior turned out to be a very talented manager. Thus, in barely 10 years, he raised his company to the highest peak and installed it in some fifteen countries. Likewise, Christian Dior developed a very innovative advertising policy for his time, which further helped to make people talk about him. Moreover, after many years of success, the arrival of John Galliano within the group brought new life to it. This designer gave a real glamorous and revolutionary boost to the Dior brand, at the same time boosting its turnover.

The fame of Dior today

The Maison Dior owes its notoriety to many factors. On the one hand, Christian Dior has always surrounded himself with emblematic and perfectionist designers, endowed with undeniable artistic talents associated with an exacerbated sense of business. What is more, Dior has always known how to distinguish itself through its fruitful collaborations with multiple artists in remarkable advertising campaigns. Thus, the Dior offer has grown considerably, now appearing as much in the world of fashion as in that of perfumes, cosmetics, watchmaking and jewelry. Dior is now synonymous with excellence around the world and many of their fragrances have become true legends. Thus, whether it is Eau Sauvage, the first Dior perfume for men created in 1966, Poison, launched in 1985 or J’Adore in 1999, each of these juices has marked its time. They have become icons of perfumery and are today considered to be timeless. Dior is undoubtedly one of the brands that best expresses what French luxury is today. It is both fairly classic while demonstrating an innovative spirit and over the decades has imposed its ideal of elegance and glamor on the whole planet.

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