Domain of the brand Dressmaker Chloé is a brand synonymous with extreme femininity. She is a kind of fashion and olfactory embodiment of freedom, glamor and carefree life. This fashion icon has also just celebrated its 60th anniversary. So, how about going over his story? Dressmaker

Chloé, a brand founded by Gaby Aghion

Chloé is a French fashion house that was created in 1952 by Gaby Aghion. However, it did not appear to be a conventional fashion brand and immediately marked its boldness. Indeed, Chloe arrived on the market by offering a line of high quality clothing that she decided to call “luxury ready-to-wear”. This contrasted radically with the Haute Couture houses of the time. Thus, Chloé offered her customers clothes that were immediately available, already made and requiring only a few slight alterations. The whole was nevertheless thought out in an extreme quality and displayed an impeccable fall. In fact, Chloé embodies the beginnings of our modern ready-to-wear market. Conquered by this innovative idea, other creators soon followed suit. The name of Chloe, meanwhile, not being the name of the creator of this brand, is actually the name of one of her friends. Indeed, Gaby Aghion did not like her name and found that her friend was the perfect embodiment of what she wanted from her brand: absolute femininity and endowed with a daring young spirit. In the 70s, Chloé became an iconic brand, adored by many stars such as Jackie Kennedy, Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly and Maria Callas. After years of collaboration with Karl Lagarfeld, then a loss of speed in the 1980s, the arrival of stylist Stella McCartney breathed new life into the brand. Chloe turned towards more femininity, romanticism and impertinence. In 2001, Pheobe Philo in turn brought her personal touch, attracting new clients such as Nathalie Portman or Kristen Dunst.

Chloé’s ultra-feminine perfumes

On the perfume side, the whole thing Chloé’s first juice was created in 1975. It was a floral fragrance made from tuberose and orange blossom, particularly sweet and quite classic. This one was created in collaboration with Karl Lagarfelg and is embedded in a spherical bottle adorned with a sculpted lily. Moreover, this one was rewarded for its design. It remained for a very long time the only perfume offered by Chloe. Nevertheless, Chloé decided to return to the forefront of the perfume scene in 1992 by creating Narcisse, a new floral concentrate. In 1996, Innocence did not fail to amaze the public with its three globular bottles in white frosted glass. Today, these juices are no longer marketed. On the other hand, they have been replaced by a new Chloé range based on rose. This new fragrance is available in an eau de parfum, an eau de toilette or an intense version. Likewise, Love Chloe also seems to be very popular with the fairer sex. Undoubtedly, Chloé intends to once again be seen as a must-have in perfumery.

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