Brand domain Dressmaker Cerruti is a large luxury fashion and ready-to-wear house which was founded in 1967 in Paris. It has therefore been nearly 50 years that it has promoted the image of France throughout the world. Focus on its history and its most beautiful creations. Dressmaker

Cerruti, a brand with Italian heritage

In fact, Cerruti’s story began in 1881 thanks to Nino Cerruti’s grandfather. He founded a wool spinning and weaving factory and moved it to Biella, Italy. Very quickly, this company saw its fabrics used for making many costumes for ready-to-wear or tailor-made brands. Thus, eager to improve always a little more, the Cerruti workshops created their own research laboratory, multiplying technical innovations. However, the Cerruti brand as we know it today only saw the light of day in 1967. Nino Cerruti began to launch his own men’s collections that year. He was then convinced that elegance rests on clothes in which one feels comfortable. Building on his heritage, he developed different finishing techniques as well as new threads. This was the key to his success. Likewise, it was also impossible to separate the life of Nino Cerruti from the seventh art. Thus, his many friends from the cinema also helped to make his name shine through the clothes of many legendary films. As an anecdote, know that the Cerruti workshops manufactured approximately 330,000 pieces of sewing reserved exclusively for the cinema each year. Cerruti then embarked on a line of feminine creations, in 1976. Perfumery only came later, in 1978.

The elegant perfumes of Cerruti

Because a refined outfit is nothing without a perfume, Cerruti began to develop his own essences. Success then accompanied the latter. In addition, Cerruti 1881 pour Homme quickly became a legend in men’s perfumery. Its iconic raw sandblasted glass bottle and its iconic juice of refined masculinity became essentials. Likewise, its female counterpart soon caught on and its floral and woody scent quickly seduced many lovers of elegant and natural essences.

Since December 2010, the Cerruti house has become the property. of Trinity, a distribution subsidiary of the Chinese group Li & amp; Fung Group. Aldo Maria Camillo has been its artistic director since April 2012. Cerruti’s business sectors are also very numerous today. The house is also dedicated to three ready-to-wear lines: Cerruti 1881 Paris, a very luxurious and glamorous range, Cerruti 1881, a more classic and traditional line, and 18CRR81 Cerruti, a more jeans and casual assortment. Likewise, the whole is matched with collections of accessories, leather goods, watches, glasses, writing objects and perfumes.

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