Brand domain Jeweler Year creation 1847 Cartier is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most prestigious luxury houses revealing French know-how. In 2017, the latter will celebrate its 170 years. Focus on this extraordinary brand whose course is dotted with stars, or rather precious stones. Jeweler

The epic of Cartier until global success

Cartier was born in 1847 at the hands of Louis François Cartier. He actually took over the reins of the jewelry workshop from his apprentice master. Her work was quickly noticed by Princess Mathilde, cousin of Emperor Napoleon III. Cartier thus immediately benefited from the protection of the imperial family and as such received numerous prestigious commissions. Later, he entrusted the management of his house to his son Alfred who made the brand prosper until it was installed in the prestigious rue de la Paix in Paris, in 1899. It was in the early 1900s that it developed Cartier’s international activity. Very quickly, the London boutique attracted the attention of the royal family and Cartier became the court’s official jeweler in 1902. Cartier was then known to all and traveled the world to find new sources of inspiration. Thus, the house multiplied innovations in jewelry and watchmaking. In addition, a new breath arrived when Jeanne Toussaint, emblematic figure of Parisian fashion, took the reins of the house by collaborating with Louis Cartier. In the midst of female emancipation, she took on the post of Director of Haute Joaillerie in 1933. The second half of the 1960s then marked Cartier’s passage into the hands of an industrialist, Robert Hocq, who headed the company. teaches with a master hand. The activity then developed considerably until it joined the perfume sector, barely two years after the death of Robert Hocq, in 1981.

Luxurious perfumes from Cartier

Having become a benchmark of French elegance, Cartier decided to embark on the adventure of perfumes. All Cartier creations, whether in terms of fragrances or packaging, were made in-house. Likewise, Cartier has always had an exclusive perfumer. At the moment, it is the talented Mathilde Laurent. Cartier’s very first juice was called Must. It was a green oriental combining the power of galbanum with the sensuality of jasmine and vanilla. Nevertheless, Cartier has always taken care to ensure a link between its two sectors of activity. Thus, many of the house’s fragrances pay homage to iconic Cartier jewelry. For example, the Panthère perfume from 1987 is directly inspired by one of the jeweler’s most famous creations. Moreover, this perfume has been revisited and modernized several times in recent years. Among the great Cartier classics, some stand out as real bestsellers. This is particularly the case with Declaration, a fresh and assertive woody spicy, Eau de Cartier, a first mixed juice signed Cartier or the most recent Baiser Volé.

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