Ernest Daltroff, a talented nose from Russia, falls in love with the Parisian perfumery of Armande Caron, then like a second stroke of luck, with the beautiful Félicie Wanpouille with whom he will create his first perfumes . From the beginnings of Caron perfumes, success was not long in coming. The couple will sign emblematic and original perfumes such as “Narcisse & nbsp; Noir & nbsp;” in 1911 then the enormous bestseller of perfumery “For a man” simultaneously with “Seed flower” two iconic fragrances from 1934.

Ernest Daltroff and Félicie Wanpouille, a beautiful story of love and perfumes

Ernest Daltroff got his start as a perfume chemist in his native Russia in the 19th century. While traveling to Paris in 1902, he discovered an exceptional perfume shop (the Emilia perfumery) which he proposed to buy under the impetus of his brother in 1903. We do not know if the Caron brand was created in memory. from a famous acrobat of the time or related to the former owner but the name was obviously short and easily recognizable.

Ernest Daltroff is, in addition to being particularly talented, rather fortunate. From his meeting with a wealthy businessman who will push him to occupy the premises of the prestigious Rue de la Paix to his meeting with the beautiful and intriguing stylist Félicie Wanpouille, all the elements lead Caron to become a great brand in perfumery. .

The Daltroff-Wanpouille couple is fruitful and produces beautiful bottles with distinguished names: & nbsp; “Chantecler”, “Narcisse Noir”, “L’Infini”, “Ravissement” or even “& nbsp; Isadora & nbsp;”. The fragrances are subtle, the elegant bottles and the stars in the making are conquered by the bottles of Caron, in particular by the brilliant oriental floral “& nbsp; Narcisse Noir & nbsp;” which appeals to all-Hollywood.

In addition, the couple are creative and do not hesitate to venture out on new olfactory tracks which will turn out to be great successes. Thus & nbsp; “Blond Tobacco” released in 1919 will be the first men’s leather jacket in history without forgetting of course the famous “Pour un homme” released in 1934 which will become the first true masculine perfume with an intoxicating and deep wake.

Richard Fraysse or the renewal of the Caron house in 2000

“Pour un homme” offering balance suave and delicate between a lavender worked in its delicate facets and a greedy and suave vanilla, will engrave this semantic and innovative perfume for men in the history of the male perfumery. All the more so since at the beginning of the war the brilliant creator Daltroff will have to flee France for the United States from which he will never return.

Despite the disappearance of the master perfumer and his so tender love, Félicie Wanpouille holds the Caron house with an iron fist and continues to produce beautiful feminine fragrances such as “& nbsp; Pour une femme & nbsp;” in 1942 or even the wonderful “& nbsp; Pepper & nbsp;” in 1954. On the other hand, when the latter left in 1967, the Caron house will take years or even decades to regain its aura of prestige and creativity, probably due to too many changes of brands.

Despite beautiful perfumes signed by the nose Jean-Pierre Bethouard such as the “& nbsp; 3e homme & nbsp;” in 1985, Caron perfumes will regain their values ​​linked to their deep history thanks to their acquisition by the Ales Group in 1998, which will install a dedicated nose, the famous Richard Fraysse. Caron’s revival will then be marked by the release in 2000 of the beautiful masculine leather chypre “& nbsp; L’Anarchiste & nbsp;”.

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