The Cacharel fashion house was created in 1962 by Jean Bousquet. Wanted as a determined alternative to haute-couture, Cacharel offered soft ready-to-wear clothes where the flower of liberty was queen for years. A true symbol of romanticism, when Cacharel launched into perfumery it was to create a flowery and light fragrance that would go hand in hand with the delicate flowers of his Liberty. With “& nbsp; Anaïs Anaïs & nbsp;”, mythical perfume of sweet and romantic young girls, Cacharel entered their life to create perfumes for them to their desires …

The famous liberty house takes young girls in a romantic whirlwind

Synonymous with romantic dreams of young girls, the Cacharel brand has marked its presence over the years 70s and 80s by flooding the market for young women with pretty Liberty prints. A true signature of the brand, liberty, which has become a fashion staple, was at the origin of an equally essential perfume: “& nbsp; Anaïs Anaïs & nbsp;”.

At the time of the release from the pretty floral-green scent, young girls hardly feel concerned by perfumery as the fragrances offered do not correspond to their tastes. Cacharel is particularly attached to this young female audience, so it was logical that the very first fragrance from the fashion house was dedicated to them.

“& nbsp; Anais & nbsp; Anais & nbsp;” released in 1978 is not initially a great commercial success, it is over the years that it will become a bestseller in perfumery being the first juice intended for young women in search of a femininity that is both innocent and sensual. From the fragrance with notes of white and powdery flowers topped with woody powers to the opaline bottle, all the ingredients are united to upset the codes of the genre. “& Nbsp; Anaïs Anaïs & nbsp;” won hands down the hearts of young women while opening a breach in a hitherto inaccessible market.

“D’Anaïs Anaïs & nbsp;” to “& nbsp; Amor Amor & nbsp;” the young Cacharel girl becomes a woman

Building on the tremendous success that “Anaïs Anaïs & nbsp;” has met, the Cacharel brand continued its successful ascent in the world of perfumery by releasing in 1987 the idol of young people, “& nbsp; Loulou & nbsp;”.

Indeed the young wife of “& nbsp; Anaïs Anaïs & nbsp;” has grown up and seeks as much to seduce as to amaze, so we will offer him a mysterious and astonishing scent the beautiful “& nbsp; Loulou & nbsp;”, a powdery flowery juice with pronounced oriental accents as a mixture of purity and sensuality. “& Nbsp; Loulou & nbsp;” He also becomes the icon of a perfumed generation who constantly utters “Loulou, c’est moi”.

In 1994, the young girl Cacharel this time becomes full and assumed totally glamorous and totally seductive thanks to the floral-fruity “Eden & nbsp;” which will offer a delicate blend of warm and sensual flowers (such as ylang-ylang or orange blossom) associated with sparkling mandarin notes and dazzling green notes.

In 1998, Cacharel proposed a sweet scent of purity and serenity under the evocative name of “& nbsp; Noa & nbsp;”. Like the pearly pearl in its bottle, “& nbsp; Noa & nbsp;” will land in the necks of young women in search of floral bouquets with intoxicating sweetness … This is yet another success!

Then with the new millennium will come the time of the “& nbsp; Perfume of love & nbsp; ” or “& nbsp; Amor Amor & nbsp;”, a precious and sparkling fruity amber intended for passionate young women and a tad greedy. Here again Cacharel marks with his brand a perfume that will be for another decade a classic that will be available in multiple versions.

One thing is certain: Cacharel has the incredible talent to be part of his clothes or its fragrances in tune with the times. By offering astonishing fragrances and always slightly ahead of trends, Cacharel has been signing great perfumes for several decades which have become great classics. So we can reasonably think that the latest creation of the house in 2012, “& nbsp; Catch me & nbsp;”, will seduce with its contrasts between tender floral-fruity notes and sensual and glamorous notes a large female audience.

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