By Kilian

By Kilian

Brand domain Perfumer Year of creation 2007 France is undoubtedly the symbolic country of perfumery. Indeed, even if the art of perfume was born in Ancient Egypt millennia ago, Grasse has been known as the capital of perfume since the 16th century. Perfumer

As such, French perfumers are today recognized around the world and Kilian Hennessy is undoubtedly one of them.

By Killian, the story of ‘a traced destiny

By Killian is a brand referring to its creator, Killian Hennessy. He is a French perfumer born in 1972 in Boulogne-Billancourt and grandson of the founder of the LVMH group. Suffice to say that this direct descendant of this luxury group recognized around the world was predestined to one day integrate this universe. As such, he studied at Celsa, a graduate school in information and communication sciences based in Paris. There he made a final thesis on the semantics of odors and began to train as a perfumer. He was trained by the greatest noses on the planet such as Jacques Cavallier or Thierry Wasser. Likewise, he first decided to work in renowned perfume houses such as Dior or Armani, before creating his own brand of niche fragrances in 2007. By Killian was born.

The development of the By Killian brand

Killian Hennessy has always been immersed in the world of scents. Heir to a long line of industrialists having embarked on the adventure of luxury through cognac, he was quick to draw inspiration from the scents of his childhood spent near the family cellars to make fragrances. . By Killian is today a perfume brand reserved for insiders. It is independent and does not respond to any dikta of fashion and current marketing. It is a perfect alliance between luxury and elegance, without concession and putting the perfume back on its pedestal. Indeed, even if the By Killian fragrances turn out to be resolutely contemporary, at the same time they pay homage to the sacred meaning of perfume. What’s more, By Killian is proving to be a particularly prolific brand. In barely eight years of creation, the brand has developed 38 fragrances revolving around five collections. These are called L’Oeuvre Noire, Arabian Nights, Asian Tales, In The Garden of Good & amp; Evil and Addictive State of Mind. These are inspired by the smell of liqueurs and are worn in an unusual way, releasing an unconventional breath. By Killian is the perfect embodiment of the idea we have of niche perfumeries. Excellence is evident in each of the perfumes produced there, all sewn using the finest raw materials. What is more, to ensure even better development and have more substantial resources, note that the By Killian brand joined, in February 2016, the Estée Lauder group.

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