Brand domain Dressmaker If the elegance is an art that is cultivated in many countries, England is undoubtedly a master in the field. Gentlemen are numerous and refinement is the order of the day. Also, Burberry is undeniably one of the brands that best characterizes this So British elegance. Dressmaker

This one displays a look unlike any other and is embellished with fragrances, each more luxurious than the last.

The turbulent history of the Burberry brand

The history of Burberry began in 1856 when Thomas Burberry consulted his doctor for rheumatism problems. He advised him not to wear his rubber raincoat, which does not wick away perspiration and promotes back pain. At the same time, Thomas Burberry opened a store 80 km from London, when he was barely 21 years old. He was a young designer who dressed the notables of his region and who specialized in sports and outdoor clothing. Eager to create a waterproof but ventilated rain coat, Thomas Burberry invented gabardine, a fabric that protects against the cold, with a ventilated weave but resistant to rain. He patented this new fabric in 1888 and created a now cult jacket: the famous Burberry trench coat. In 1891, Thomas Burberry opened his first boutique in London. Achieving great success with his gabardine, it was he who was commissioned by the Minister of Defense to design the new uniforms for the British officers. Burberry’s reputation continued to expand. Likewise, the year 1924 was also a key date for Burberry. This is the year of the invention of the famous white, black and camel Scottish tartan, emblematic of the brand. Also, although the brand was ceded to the descendants of Thomas Burberry, its success has never wavered. Today, many stars dress in the brand’s famous motif and the trench coat has also remained a centerpiece of many wardrobes. Moreover, Burberry is marked by an extraordinary ability to bounce back and reinvent itself in order to stay modern. This is also why its range has been extended to other products.

Burberry in perfumery

Far from being confined to the world of fashion , Burberry also turned to the field of perfumery. In 1995, a fragrance called Burberrys for Women was born. It was a sensual eau de parfum, perfectly embodying the classic and timeless style inherited from the Burberry brand. This one was embellished with its male equivalent the same year. Since that day, the creations of essences have continued to follow one another. Sometimes strict or even more relaxed, Burberry fragrances fit perfectly into the style and history of the Burberry house. Many of them display strong visual codes. Thus, the Burberry Brit bottle is decorated with the house’s tartan, similarly, the new My Burberries are decorated with a gabardine bow at their collar and are topped with a horn cap similar to the buttons of the famous trench coat. coat. In other words, to be perfumed with a Burberry perfume is a bit like immersing yourself in the rich history of this great British house.

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