Domain of the brand Jeweler The Bulgari house immerses us in the history of a family fascinated by excellence. This brand is one of the oldest Italian houses, first making a name for itself in jewelry and watchmaking before investing in other luxury sectors such as perfumery. Jeweler

The launch of the Bulgari brand

Bulgari is an Italian family brand that was founded in 1884. Its name is also spelled Bvlgari, using the alphabet Classical Latin according to which the V is equivalent to the U and is inspired by the last name of the Greek founder of the company, Sotirios Voulgaris, whose Italian pronunciation gives “Sotirio Bulgari”. A true silversmith from Greece, he decided to leave his native country in 1880 to try his luck in Italy. So he settled in Rome before opening his first boutique four years later. He sold there silver creations and antique pieces. Then, 20 years later, in 1905, his sons Constantinio and Giorgio joined him to work. So the Bulgari family decided to open another store in Rome, which is still considered to be their flagship store today. It was his two sons who began to take a particular interest in noble materials and who made Bulgari a brand of jewelry. In the continuity of their father, they created daring pieces for their time, mixing a style responding to the Greco-Roman trend as well as a design more dated from the time of the Italian Renaissance. This innovative mixture brought them immense success in the 1950s, at the end of the Second World War. Thus, many celebrities such as Sophia Loren snapped up their creations. This was the start of Bulgari’s expansion.

Bulgari’s worldwide fame

From then on, Bulgari opened numerous boutiques all over the world, in New York, Geneva, Paris , Monte-Carlo… Since then, Bulgari’s business sector has also grown considerably. The brand has gradually invested in the perfume and cosmetics sector. Moreover, this activity now represents 23% of its turnover. All the products developed by Bulgari ensure that ethical values ​​are respected, soaking up the local customs and practices of the places of manufacture from which they emanate, respecting human rights and universal fundamental freedoms. Since its heyday in the 1950s, Bulgari’s notoriety has never wavered. The brand has more recently made people talk about it thanks to its perfume Mon Jasmin Noir, embodied on the screen by the beautiful Kristen Dunst, posing proudly alongside a lion. In 2010, Bulgari’s reputation was such that an exhibition retracing its 125 years of existence was inaugurated at the Grand Palais. Since 2012, Bulgari has been fully taken over by the LVMH group. It took absolutely nothing away from its prestige and just allowed it to open up even greater possibilities.

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