Brand domain Jeweler Boucheron & nbsp ;: When the famous jeweler perfumes us with his treasures A pioneer of luxury jewelry, Frédéric Boucheron has adorned the necks and ears of the greatest ladies in the world since the beginning of the 20th century. Of course when the Boucheron house decided to create a line of perfumery, the bottles designed by the master jewelers were at least as precious as their fragrances. Much more than with flashy advertising campaigns, the discreet and resplendent house has shone with its aura four great mythical fragrances of the 80s and 90s. Jeweler

The birth of the Boucheron myth and a cult ring-bottle

The Boucheron house, specializing in luxury jewelry, was founded in 1958 in luxury premises of the Royal Palace. Awarded for the beauty of his creations at the Universal Exhibition in Paris, Frédéric Boucheron, renowned jeweler since his beginnings, had the luxury of choosing his Place Vendôme location, he was the very first to come and settle there!

26 Place Vendôme, now a benchmark for the whole world, will never stop creating adornments as resplendent as they are chic for clients as famous as the Duke of Windsor, Tsar Nicolas II of Russia or even Sarah Bernhardt and Rita Hayworth. Boucheron is French luxury, Parisian elegance and the refinement of sumptuous and mythical jewelry.

Naturally when the Boucheron house launched into the creation of perfumes, it was necessary to create bottles à la height of the creative artistry of Boucheron jewelry. Thus the first fragrance to be released in 1988 “& nbsp; Boucheron Femme & nbsp;” was adorned with a jewel bottle of exceptional beauty which made it known as much for its subtle floral, oriental and fruity scents as for its bottle topped with a ring worked around a sapphire blue cabochon.

< p> The success of “& nbsp; Boucheron Femme & nbsp;” was such that customers of the time flocked to Place Vendôme to obtain the jewel similar to the famous “ring” bottle, which had to be created from scratch because in reality it only existed for perfume. Although the perfume “Boucheron Femme” either now disappeared, it was reissued in 2011 to the delight of lovers of this legendary brand.

Boucheron perfumery or scented works of art

After the success phenomenal of what we call the “ring bottle”, the Boucheron perfumery created in 1989 its first perfume for men, this time inspired by luxury watchmaking in particular by the famous watch model “Reflets” ; “, Soberly named” & nbsp; Boucheron for men & nbsp; “.

In 1994 and 1998, aficionados of Boucheron perfumery will be able to enjoy two beautiful fragrances inspired by the Indian travels of the venerable founder Frédéric Boucheron: “& Nbsp; Jaipur & nbsp;” and “Jaipur for men”. The perfumes, always dressed in precious jewelery bottles, still wear sapphire blue and golden gadroons to offer flowery and fruity scents to these ladies and sweet spices to these gentlemen.

In 2000, the takeover of the Boucheron perfume line by Gucci Group will come to disturb its success and despite beautiful fragrances like “& nbsp; Initial & nbsp;” in 2000, from “& nbsp; Trouble & nbsp;” born in 2002, “& nbsp; Miss Boucheron & nbsp;” in 2007, or even “& nbsp; B de Boucheron & nbsp;” released in 2008, the brand loses its legendary aura.
Fortunately at the end of 2010, the brand was bought and the desire to return to the fundamentals of the 80s was strongest. The leader of the Boucheron group said, “We decided to focus on the grandeur of the Boucheron perfumes of the 80s: Boucheron for women, Boucheron for men and Jaïpur for men. And above all, we decided to go back to the original bottle, the “ring”, since when we got it back, it no longer had the shape of a ring and no longer told a story. We didn’t really see what it brought; on the other hand, it was judged that he was losing a lot & nbsp; “.

The exceptional aura of Boucheron jewelry is obviously the source of inspiration and the origin of the success of the perfume line. Wanting to break away from these codes was risky and fortunately the brand has now been able to return to its core values ​​and to its past rich in a fabulous history. Building on this return to basics, Boucheron has released two new fragrances “Boucheron Place Vendôme & nbsp;” in 2013 and the magnificent “Quatre & nbsp;” in 2005 who again met a large audience, in love with the famous perfumed work of art of the brilliant house …

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