Brand domain Perfumer Year creation 1902 Perfumery is an art revealing the rich French heritage and has been promoting the image of our country throughout the world for centuries. What’s more, many companies are also part of a family story. Perfumer

Thus, in Toulouse, no less than four generations of perfumers have succeeded in maintaining the know-how of the Berdoues family.

The history of Berdoues perfumery

It was in 1902 that the Berdoues company opened its doors in the heart of the city of Toulouse from the hands of Pierre and Guillaume Berdoues, two young entrepreneurs who decided to embark on the wholesale of major brand perfumes. Also, thanks to Guillaume’s commercial talent, their notoriety was not slow to develop. Then, in the early 1930s, Henry, William’s son, decided to join the business with his two brothers. A chemical engineer by training, he became the nose of the Berdoues house and signed his most beautiful creation in 1936, named Violette de Toulouse, a perfume which has since become a true legend. This juice then greatly contributed to making Berdoues known all over the world, allowing them to export their products to the four corners of the world. Likewise, Berdoues developed a bobèche bottle which appeared in famous magazines and which seduced the fairer sex with its inimitable delicacy. Today, the latter is a fan of traditional perfumery. Then, it was in 1960 that Pierre Berdoues took over the company, making a modern industry. The latter gradually became automated and innovation became the heart of the Berdoues brand’s strategy. In 1990, Sophie Berdoues, the founder’s great-granddaughter and a pharmacy graduate, also brought her knowledge to the family business. She became president of the group in 2009 and today seems to perpetuate the rich heritage of her family with dignity.

The inimitable know-how of Berdoues

In total, it is no less of four generations of perfumers who have succeeded at the head of the Berdoues family business. Each of their creations is particularly original, resolutely contemporary and quite simply timeless. The Maison Berdoues has thus become over time synonymous with rarity, authenticity and quality. Each of its perfumes is produced with the greatest respect for French Haute Parfumerie. The Berdoues brand thus transports us to a fascinating world, constantly revealing to us an invigorating and friendly approach to luxury perfumery. To immerse yourself in the workshops of Berdoues thus amounts to living a unique sensory experience in a prestigious place. In general, the passion that animated the directors of Berdoues can be felt in each of their perfumes. As the father of the current president, Sophie Berdoues, confides: “I really enjoyed my job,” he says. It was a passion! There is no doubt about it and you can feel it from the first breath escaping from one of the Berdoues bottles. These seem to contain a clever blend of love and genuine know-how, such is the key to the success of this family business.

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