Brand domain Dressmaker Benetton & nbsp;: The success story of Italian designers, kings of colorful sweater rest. Benetton, known since the 1960s for its famous colorful sweaters, will offer its rainbow colors in perfumery by creating its range in 1987 with “Colors”. powered by the Toscani brand’s favorite advertiser. From thread to needle (knitting), Benetton became “& nbsp; United Colors of Benetton & nbsp;” will weave its web in the chic world of perfumery. Dressmaker

From knitting to the creation of perfumes, the Benetton family conquered the world

Luciano Benetton opened his very first store in 1963 thanks to the sweaters his sister Guiliana knits. The success was immediate and three years later, the Benetton clan opened their first manufacturing plant. The secret of this phenomenal rise: to offer a range of 48 colors where fashion only propelled black and white.

In 1985 the Benetton holding company, where each member of the family has his own role, moved to Luxembourg and began to buy new names in order to create an empire. Because one thing is certain: for Luciano Benetton, as for his brothers Gilberto and Carlo, you have to know how to diversify in order to expand. From the Sisley tailoring to TipTop children’s shoes, to rugby and basketball sponsorship and of course the buyout of an F1 team, Benetton is everywhere. The family still lacked the creation of perfumes bearing the effigy of the brand, in 1987 “& nbsp; Colors & nbsp;” de Benetton will finally bring beautiful olfactory colors to the brand.

Benetton fragrances in the colors of the brand’s flagship values ​​

Between the creativity and the inventiveness of the young creators of the company Benetton, it was easy to create a colorful and sparkling perfume in the colors that the brand has liked to convey for several years now. “& Nbsp; Colors & nbsp;” the beautiful fruity oriental, will be carried by a rectangular faceted bottle where the name will be written in the hand of the marketing specialist of the house in full color, of course.

As for the advertising campaign, it will be there. opportunity to launch the revolutionary Toscani visuals which will make the reputation of the brand and its aura. The “Colors & nbsp;” advertising campaign surrounds himself with respect for others and multiraciality thanks to the symbolic image of the black hand and the white hand which unite … A key value for a brand which wants to be “& nbsp; all colors & nbsp;” .

“& nbsp; Tribe & nbsp;” the second Benetton perfume will appear on the market in 1993 thanks to a futuristic bottle designed by the famous designer Tamotsu Yagi. The flowery and fruity fragrance presents beautiful originalities around the flagship concept of the brand, the richness of diversity. “The idea is not based on ethnic divisions, but rather on each of us belonging to cultural tribes & nbsp;” according to Benetton.

Then in 1997, the two “Hot & nbsp;” fragrances for women and “& nbsp; Cold & nbsp;” for men timidly appear on the market. The Benetton company is in the midst of an advertising crisis because Toscani’s visuals now shock and indignation far more than they command attention. Yet “& nbsp; Hot & nbsp;” and “& nbsp; Cold” two fresh and original citrus fruits kept their promises … brand values, “Love Yourself”, “Live Free” and “Stay positive”. Thanks to its three fragrances, Benetton is making a resounding comeback in perfumery and launches an appeal, this time followed, “Instead of dreaming your life, live your dream”. The Benetton Empire has certainly not finished astonishing us yet!

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