Brand domain Dressmaker Balmain: A talented stylist and a feminine nose for great perfumes Balmain, a distinguished post-war Dressmaker, was an emblematic figure of Parisian fashion from the very beginnings of his haute-couture house. Rarely, he will not hesitate to create perfumes simultaneously with his famous outfits, while knowing how to surround himself with great designers such as the famous Germaine Cellier. Dressmaker

When he died in the 1980s, Balmain perfumes took a long time to find new life, mainly playing great classics such as “Vent Vert” or “Monsieur Balmain”. Until being reborn in the new millennium …

The duo between Pierre Balmain the couturier and Germaine Cellier the nose

The infatuation of post-war ladies for style “Jolie Madame” by Pierre Balmain was such that from the opening of his fashion house in 1945, there were many successes. Especially since Pierre Balmain had the genius of being one of the first couturiers to launch into fashion at the same time as he launched into perfumery, a revolutionary idea at the time.

In order to crown with success the perfume creations of the house of Balmain, the stylist was accompanied from his beginnings in perfumery by Germaine Cellier, a perfume designer with incredible genius and multiple talents. There too Pierre Balmain made the daring choice of a woman nose, a choice that was also unusual for the time… Their collaboration was quickly crowned with success thanks to the development in 1946 of the pretty powdery flowered “Elysées 64-83”, “The scent of mink” as the designer had imagined.

Then in 1947, Germaine Cellier and Pierre Balmain signed the beautiful and original “Vent-Vert”, a flowery and fruity breath of an overdose of galbanum which will mark the history of the house of Balmain as well as the history of perfumery by offering an innovative and light juice imagined “for the sail and the sea”.
This beautiful collaboration of great perfumes will follow. such as the beautiful and elegant chypre leather “Jolie Madame” released in 1953 or even the explosive and elegant aromatic citrus “Monsieur Balmain” then “Miss Balmain” in 1967. Each fragrance corresponds to the inimitable style of Balmain creations described as “Flattering” , of an expected elegance. A first degree of seduction. ».

The revival of Balmain perfumes

The venerable founder and precursor of ultra-feminine and glamorous fashion, Pierre Balmain, died in 1982. If the Balmain house regrets its venerable founder, However, she will not stop “always offering women the right figure for the right time” as Pierre Balmain said, surrounding himself with renowned stylists.

In perfumery, the revival of the Maison Balmain will come in 2006 with the release of “Ambre gris”, a beautiful animal and aromatic oriental dedicated to the now famous missing raw material aptly named “floating gold”, amber of course. Then 2012 will see the rebirth under the aegis of Olivier Rousteing, the cult perfume released in 1979 (when it was created in 1931…) “Ivory” modernized for the new millennium by perfumers Michel Almairac and Jacques Flori.

“Ivoire” represents the delicate mix between a past steeped in history and the constant search for originality: “This Ivoire 2012 embodies the perfect translation of today’s Balmain woman, with this heritage , this touch of nostalgia and this remarkable modernity “affirms Olivier Rousteing.

In the same vein of this delicate balance between olfactory traditions and assertive modernities,” Extatic “will be released in 2014.” Extatic is the olfactory metaphor of the Balmain woman: lightness of being and strong character ”a delicate blend translated into fragrance by the clever cocktail of flowers and the Orient. The revival of the house “Balmain” is now sewn …

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