Azzedine Alaia

Azzedine Alaia

Brand domain Dressmaker Alaïa: The beginnings in perfumery of the famous Dressmaker Azzedine Alaïa Azzedine Alaïa, famous Dressmaker with the sharp label engraved in the chiseled leather of the 80s, created in 2015 his very first perfume: “Alaïa”. This signature fragrance, unique in its notes, represents in scents the very “perforated” and glamorous universe of the Dressmaker while seeking to bring out his sunny childhood memories of Tunisia. Will the house of Alaïa continue to move us with its fragrances of invasions? Dressmaker

Azzedine Alaïa, the fashion designer in love with the sensual woman

The haute-couture universe of Azzedine Alaïa’s creations is of course linked to second dresses skin which enchanted the magnificent Greta Garbo but also Louise Morin or even Arletty. In the 80s, Madonna hurried to the couturier to dress her sparkling shapes just as more recently Lady Gaga or Rihanna tried it.

The designer in love with the luscious shapes that dress so well her corsets of cut leather or his skin glove dresses, the one who “was the first to work with leather like a fabric or a lace” could not create a perfume without which does not resemble him. This perfume project would therefore be entrusted to a talented nose who would know how to listen to all the desires of the creator Alaïa without betraying them, Marie Salamagne.

Surrounded by a team totally devoted to his perfume project, Azzedine Alaïa released in 2015 “Alaïa”, a glamorous and intoxicating fragrance, like the creations of the haute-couture house.

“Alaïa” the explosive hot cold, the first fragrance from the house of Alaïa

The couturier Alaïa having resisted for a long time the sirens of perfumery unlike a large number of couturiers of his time, his very first perfume had to be unique and totally in line with the mysterious character Alaïa and brilliant, refining his creations out of time and all influence.
“My perfume comes from afar, it is a source perfume. It does not bear witness to any particular era, but emotions from all eras, no country arrives because it has passed through them all, it does not reveal any season, since it inhabits all of them. “Azzedine Alaïa

Besides, the fashion designer had a specific idea in mind that he breathed in Marie Salamagne’s nose:” the smell of cold water on burning lime “. All that remained was to create this timeless fragrance and imagine its universe, or rather its universes and its bottles.

Alaïa’s precision and thoroughness took effect and the “Alaïa” perfume was born in 2015 like a little jewel of scents of delicately suggested spicy and leathery floral scents embellished with a bottle with a “perforated” design worked to perfection by Martin Szekely.

The world of perfumery was impatiently awaiting the creative genius of Alaïa at the service of an exceptional perfume. He was totally overwhelmed by this first perfume “Alaïa”, impressionist and evasive while so devilishly feminine and in total continuity with the perfectionism of the creator. If for Azzedine Alaia “To create a perfume is to confide in a woman, it is to hide her thoughts of the future and run away bef ore she turns around “, obviously the next creation of the Maison Alaïa will also be a great success.

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