Atelier Cologne

Atelier Cologne

Domain of the brand Perfumer Some meetings are decisive factors in a lifetime and determine our greatest choices. This is precisely how the Atelier Cologne brand was born. The latter is the result of the association of two passionate about scents. A look back at the history of this contemporary perfumery. Perfumer

The two protagonists of Atelier Cologne

Atelier Cologne is a brand that was born from the meeting between Christophe Cervasel and Sylvie Ganter. The two first met in 2006, in New York City. Their story very quickly turned into a love story as well as a passionate profession. Christophe Cervasel is a born entrepreneur, above all passionate about psychology and comics. He was born in Toulouse but calls himself “Parisian by adoption and Italian at heart”. One of his greatest passions is traveling the world to discover different cultures. His family is a real pillar for him, almost as much as the world of perfumes. Sylvie Ganter, for her part, is a Franco Italian, New Yorker by adoption. Nevertheless, she confides being literally in love with the city of Paris. Like her sidekick, she loves above all to wander to the four points of the planet. An interior designer by training, she likes to arrange spaces while giving them an authentic spirit. To do this, she does not hesitate to draw inspiration from the many countries visited during her life. In addition, it is exactly the same creative approach that guides her in the making of perfumes.

The launch of the Atelier Cologne brand

Christophe Cervasel and Sylvie Gauter quickly surrendered reckon they shared a lot in common. Also, both agreed that they appreciated Colognes but that this type of perfume often lacked a real personality. This is how they embarked on a crazy project: to found their own perfume house entirely dedicated to Cologne in order to restore it to its former glory. Atelier Cologne is therefore a brand whose ambition is to create Colognes of character and having the same hold as a perfume extract. Of course, this required years of research. Nevertheless, by dint of perseverance, the dream finally came to life and this is how an unprecedented collection called Cologne Absolue was born. The perfumes of Atelier Cologne are thus declined through six olfactory lines. The Original collection highlights the elegance of citrus fruits while giving them exceptional hold. Matières, for its part, proposes to reinterpret the essences of mythical perfumes. The Metal line highlights rare, precious and unexpected fragrances, while Azure, a line developed exclusively with Sephora, further appropriates the marine atmosphere. Finally, Orient pays homage to the eastern part of the globe. What’s more, you should know that Atelier Cologne also produces tailor-made creations. Thus, these are inspired by unique stories which only makes them even more fascinating.

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