Domain of the brand Dressmaker Armani is a Italian brand known throughout the world and famous for its varied products ranging from the world of Haute Couture to that of perfumes, including cosmetics, jewelry and even interior furnishings. Focus on its rich history of success. Dressmaker

The development of multiple Armani universes

It was in 1975, in Milan, that the Armani brand was born. It was created at the instigation of Giorgio Armani and his partner and companion Sergio Galeotti. It was initially exclusively men’s ready-to-wear. If their initial range is a great success, it is quite simply because it showed a profound daring, displaying in particular a revolutionary jacket, unstructured and unlined. It was not long in being adapted to the women’s wardrobe and the enthusiasm for these two products was immense. Building on this success, the Armani house decided to launch a second line, in 1981, this time in a younger and more accessible style. This was named Emporio Armani. Many other collections followed, each more elegant than the next. Armani’s success also extended to the world of show business, attracting many stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jodie Foster or Richard Gere. It was then that Armani decided to expand its activity into perfumery. In the early 1980s, Armani signed its first perfumes in collaboration with the L’OrĂ©al group. Its first two fragrances were soberly named Armani pour Femme and Armani pour Homme. They were the first of a long series filled with success as evidenced by Acqua Di Gio for men, one of the best-selling perfumes in the world, or Si for women. Likewise, Armani continued to diversify by launching into the development of cosmetic products, accessories, jewelry and interior furnishings. At the same time, an Armani restaurant even saw the light of day in 1989.

The Armani style today

If Armani is so successful, it is quite simply because its style is become a symbol of high quality. Armani is synonymous with authenticity, elegance and discretion. His vision of elegance seems universal and aims to be simple but resolutely modern. This is reflected just as much in its line of perfumes as it does in its clothing. Each of the Armani fragrances reflects a world of seduction and manages to sublimate the beauty of men and women. At the same time, Armani fragrances are intimate but dynamic, revealing a multitude of personalities. They are thought out with subtlety and it becomes impossible to get tired of them. All of these elements have made Armani a true luxury giant. Armani now has 13 factories located on five continents. 500 Armani stores are located in 46 countries around the world. Armani’s extension seems limitless and today covers large areas. Armani is one of the largest luxury groups on the planet. This Italian brand has become a legend symbolizing Latin elegance and respecting the original spirit of its founder despite its incredible development.

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