Annick Goutal

Annick Goutal

Brand domain Dressmaker Year of creation 1981 Although the world of luxury today is very compartmentalized, Often guided by the marketing diktats in force, some brands escape this phenomenon, resisting at all costs and demonstrating foolproof daring. This is the case with the Annick Goutal brand. Dressmaker

The tragic story of Annick Goutal

Originally, Annick Goutal began her artistic life with a professional career as a pianist. This passionate about art in general remained for many years in the world of music before giving up her profession to become a model in London. Then, a few years later, to help a friend who was launching a range of perfumed body creams, she went to Grasse, a Mediterranean town located not far from Nice and considered to be the world capital of perfumery. She was then captivated by the world of perfumes and decided to learn the profession of perfumers there. More than just a budding passion, the control of smells proved to be a real gift for her. In 1981, Annick Goutal returned to Paris where she presented her first scented creation in collaboration with Henri Sorsona. Some of his early juices, such as Hadrian’s Water, met with immense success. However, in general, Annick Goutal is a brand intended for an informed clientele. Indeed, she does not follow trends and signs her own style. Then, in 1985, the Annick Goutal brand was bought by the Taittinger group, offering the brand the means to develop internationally. Annick Goutal quickly became a star across the Atlantic. Yet this star-strewn path is dulled by disease. Annick Goutal died in August 1999 from cancer.

Following the adventure of Annick Goutal

Following the death of Annick Goutal, the brand was taken over by his daughter, Camille. The latter, however, did not come from the world of perfumery. Passionate about photography, she nevertheless did not have the heart to let her mother’s heritage die out. Thus, she was trained by Isabelle Doyen who introduced her to the nose job. Since the beginning of the 2000s, Camille Goutal has therefore strived to perpetuate the heritage of the family brand. She says “transforming her emotions into perfumes, each creation symbolizing a moment of happiness, a feeling, a powerful memory linked to the moment lived or to a loved one. “She thus gave birth to fragrances called Mandragore, Songes or Matin d´Orage, always very poetic essences. Today, since 2011, Annick Goutal perfumes have been bought by the Korean group Amore Pacific, which owns a large number of luxury brands in Asia , including the iconic Lolita Lempicka. Annick Goutal is a brand synonymous with ultra femininity. What is more, the takeover of the brand by Camille Goutal has given it a second breath. As Élisabeth de Feydeau, perfume specialist and historian explains, “Camille is not her mother and, with Isabelle, they have been able to move forward, remain faithful without falling into repetition, nor the cult of memory.. Annick would be found in their creations ”.

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