Annayaké: Japanese cosmetology and perfumery at the service of women Annayaké is as famous for its tailor-made treatments for a demanding clientele as for its original perfumes with raw materials from the traditional culture of Japan. Refined designs, delicate scents of tea, maze, bamboo or lotus mixed with beautiful modern and harmonious notes, the first Annayaké perfumes were able to seduce lovers of Asia in the new millennium …

Annayaké or Suzuki’s love for a unique Woman

In 1928, Mr. Suzuki created a skin care cream intended solely for his wife. The Annayaké concept “Because no skin looks like another”, was born from the hands of this famous founder who inspired the birth of a house of prestige recognized both for the quality of its cosmetic products and for its philosophy in accordance with traditional Japanese care.

Over the decades, Annayaké will build an important aura in the field of cosmetic care, using natural raw materials and choice while showing daring and innovation such as with the Skinner allowing to promulgate care adapted to each skin. & nbsp;
In 2000, Annayaké, on the strength of its success in cosmetology, launched into the creation of perfumes with concepts closely linked to the historical philosophy of the house.

Perfumes Annayaké or memories of Japan in delicate bottles

In order to offer Annayaké customers perfumes that are fully in line with the roots of the house, Annayaké will be the basis in 2000 of two perfumed creations: “For Femme” and “Pour Homme”.

Annayaké’s delicate green floral “Pour femme” will seduce a clientele in search of original and natural fragrances by creating a perfume around notes of wild flowers and blue lotus cannot leave the noses of lovers of Japanese tradition unmoved. As for “Pour Homme” by Annayaké, like its female counterpart, it will play with typically Asian notes of bamboo and lotus to offer new masculine notes of sweet apple or even more surprisingly of cotton candy or hazelnut.

The universe of Annayaké perfumery will gradually expand with new fragrances still as close to the ancestral Japanese tradition and still so surprising in order to create original Asian fragrances adapted to each individual’s taste. . The bottles will keep the same glass bamboo and will dress according to the type of fragrance offered.

In 2003, Annayaké will offer to succeed her first two successes the floral and cherry aldehyde & nbsp; “Hanami”, then a second feminine fragrance this time oriental & nbsp; “Matsuri” in 2006. However, Annayaké will not forget men by offering them a new bottle, a modern tribute to calligraphy, bearing the beautiful oriental floral “Miyabi Homme” in 2009.

In 2015 as to renew the cycle of creation, the Annayaké house has once again proposed duo perfumes with “Shiroï” for women and “Kuroï” for men, an ode to serenity and the perfect balance of black and white, yin and yang of course! & nbsp; It would therefore seem that the Annayaké house has not finished surprising us with its elegant and subtle scented creations with the taste of Asian dreams.

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